made a perfect transition

Rather than saddle yourself with party related debt, make a commitment to yourself to party less. Unfortunately, most of these purchases are put directly on a credit card and are paid for over many years and after countless interest accruals. Instead of buying new clothes and banishing old clothes to the back of your closet, host a clothing and accessory exchange with others in your dorm.

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The current political discussion about the merits of the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement is focusing on a provision that may never take effect. The backstop in respect of the Irish border is an insurance provision. It is an agreement between the parties on what the state of affairs should be in the event of something else not happening..

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And dad you shown the world that even a pipe dream, like owning a farm, is in fact reachable if you put your mind to it. That it is ok to step out of your comfort zone and take on the impossible, for the impossible is always possible if you change your perspective. And it is ok if there is dirt on the floor, or the walls aren perfect as long as everyone is happy, and healthy, and has a roof over their heads, what more do you possibly need?? Steve and Derek, you both are truly angels here on earth.

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