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Maurice Allen Kelley, 25, of Fontana and Darron Daniels, 20, of Highland were arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder late Thursday night after the two were picked up by San Bernardino County sheriff investigators near 11th and G streets in San Bernardino.Investigators believe they were involved in a dispute that led to the stray gunfire that killed Daniel Munoz, who was playing in his aunt front yard in the 7400 block of McKinley Avenue in Highland.Both men were being held at the Central Detention Center Friday in lieu of $1 million bail each.Neither Daniel nor his family were the intended targets of the attack, said homicide Sgt. Trevis Newport. Instead, the targets were the occupants of a white 1990s Toyota Camry.The two became involved in an argument with some people in the Camry just before the shooting, Newport said.Daniels who was convicted on a fighting charge in 2014 and Kelley who pleaded guilty to participation in a street gang as part of a 2012 drug case would frequently visit the apartment building across the street from the Hernandez home, Newport said.Reyna Isabel Hernandez, Daniel aunt, said she had seen the men before near her home but wouldn associate with them.don know who they were, she said Thursday from the doorway of her home.

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Wenger had been in his place, he would have come up to me and talked to me. I am not blaming Guardiola. I should have behaved more professionally. Toobin: There was enough evidence for a jury to convict this guy seven times over. People talk about reasonable doubt as if it’s some unclimbable mountain. You know what Our prisons are full, and every single person in there either was convicted under that standard, or pled guilty because they knew they’d be convicted, and when you look at the volume of physical evidence against a man who, by the way, was a convicted domestic violence abuser against the initial victim in this case, so you had everything in this case.

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According to the documents, Romero told investigators he had withdrawn $700 from the union’s bank account to give to a union member who needed money to buy medicine for his sick daughter. But Cpl. James Yeager, who was then and still is the union president, said he had only approved a $500 withdrawal from the bank to give to the union member who needed the money, the documents say.

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