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I am a strong supporter of abortion rights for ALL women. Having children is a choice and I choose not to have children. Should I accidentally become pregnant as in birth control fails and/or I am impregnated without my consent (rape), the veryI am a strong supporter of abortion rights for ALL women.

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It a child like mind, really

I should have called our wedding off a dozen times leading up to the “I do’s,” but I didn’t. I just kept pushing forward because I believed the lie the bridal magazines had sold me: that it would all get easier after the stress of wedding planning was over. We just had to get through that one day and we’d have our entire lives to get back on track..

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His special interests include menopausal health

Obviously, because it is massage oil, it is very oily; but it is also pretty thick, so after you rub it in for just a little while it acts more as a lotion. I loved the fact that it rubbed in so well, because I really hate to be oily. I have really long hair and it feels terrible.

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Recent economic data continues to point canada goose outlet

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My wife, Sandra Wells, and I decided we wanted that

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